How to Escape Stagefright Android Threat in Three Ways

Almost every tech news avenue warns android users that there’s nothing they could do with the impending doom brought by the Stagefright vulnerability Google itself had verified. Once, it was Heartbleed, now, it’s a virus with the capability to infect 90% of Android phones worldwide; all 950 million of it.

So, what are the best ways to defend yourself? Well, here’s three we’ve come up with.

  1. Hangouts

In the App, go to Settings > SMS > Make Hangouts Your Default SMS app. Uncheck the “Auto-retrieve MMS”. By screening your incoming MMS and avoiding auto-download, you prevent Stagefright from being exploited. However, reading a malicious text in a regular SMS app could get you into trouble too.

  1. Install Modded Androids

Installing CyanogenMods and other forms of Android hacks created by developers. You may find them all over the internet. However, we do not recommend them by openly suggesting links to you because once you modify your Android unit, you have all the responsibility for everything that could happen to it.

  1. Disable SMS completely

You could disable your SMS services completely to help you not just save your phone. Refer to online messaging instead to manage your downloaded files.

Apple’s New iPhone 6C Looks Much Like The iPhone 5

According to periodicals, Apple may have leaked its next smartphone a bit too early as images indicating an Apple iPhone 6C appears to have the coloured plastic backing of an iPhone 5C.

The phone models appeared as Apple was introducing its Apple iPhone lightning dock to charge iPhone 5 and iPhone 6. One of these models was a different phone that looked like the mix of a 5 and a 6.

According to analysts, Apple’s move to make the iPhone 6C smaller and 5S like is following the logic of its budget. It would also help prevent consumers from getting a pre-loved Apple 5S.

But none of these have been true as Apple has not yet announced any plans about its new mobile devices. Analysts have said that it may just be that Apple wanted uniformity in its advertisement so it went with designing a phone that isn’t there yet.

It is also possible that Apple introduced a screen and home button from an iPhone 5S into an iPhone 5c.

According to many, the news is too early and just too good to be true.

How Does Clean Coal Production Work?

Clean coal production may revolutionise the energy-producing industry and the environment at the same time. Coal accounts for 39% of global energy production for the following year and 36% in 2040 before the entire world shifts to renewable energy sources. The power industry has responded to calls for a more environment-friendly approach to energy production through “clean coal” production.


Clean coal production allows the capturing of the carbon dioxide in plant emissions and having it liquefied in an underground storage for commercial us. It has been implemented in several plants in the United States.

  1. Liquefaction

Coal plants must first capture the CO2 gases through a controlled environment upon emission. Using a formula to liquefy the CO2, it will then be collected and stored in secured containers.

  1. Storage

The liquid will then be stored into deep geologic formations, where compressed CO2 used to help extract oil from the formations.

The SaskPower Boundary Dam Power Plant in Canada had officially adopted the Carbon Capture and Storage scheme, helping capture 90% of its emissions and injected into the oil fields. The captured CO2 helps with the extraction of oil, reducing costs for oil production and probably the cost of oil in the market itself.

Developers Now Making Applications That Make City Strolling Exciting

Developers are now creating new applications that use the smartphone or an external peripheral to help measure frustration, excitement and convenience for consumers.


University of College London’s Barlette Centre for Advanced Sptial Analysis (CASA) is developing a new peripheral “hat” that would be worn by consumers to measure their reactions to certain city events. PhD student Panos Mavros is using the technique, with application of neuroscience, to understand how people, especially new travellers, traverse the cities.

It also helps pave the way for a new niche in marketing. With the metrics measured with the hat, marketers could create efficient advertising that could deliver great profit for their businesses.

The hat is a measure for voluntary “crowd-sourcing” already implemented in some smartphone apps such as Waze, which measures traffic depending on social reaction shared by drivers in the area.

According to Dr. Andrew Hudson-Smith of CASA, humanising technology could pave the way for tourists to have little trouble traversing their new environments and make it more fun.

He said that possible advancements in using the technology could mean the implementation of 3D city models to show the tourists areas of interest while raising the city’s beauty and facilities.

Gamification, which uses game techniques to provide knowledge to consumers, will also play a great role. The usage of the Oculus Rift has many real-life applications that would facilitate the educating process in schools and also in travel.

Global Energy Futures Have an Optimistic View Globally

The Globe and Mail’s David Berman said that it is easy to feel positive about the future of global energy production as new technology is making use of high-voltage direct current. The HVDC technology aims to open renewable sources of energy in China, Brazil, India, Canada and the Sahara desert.

The AC/DC or direct current and alternating current dozes off its transmission capabilities if transmitted from long distances. Direct current had fixed the trouble by mediating the distances effectively. Meanwhile, a high-voltage direct current will instantly deliver the needed electricity to power-up virtually every corner in the world.

These HVDC technologies will help create remote wind parks, solar energy farms and hydroelectric stations, which could use the HVDC as a highway with lossless energy transfer. As these are strong power lines, costs for transport, maintenance and transmission will lower significantly. It will also ensure the efficiency of the power generated from renewable energy sources.

HVDCs currently exist on Rio Madeira, which transmits power from the Brazilian Amazon Basin to Sau Paolo. Some systems exist in Canada, which helps revolve its electricity around Ontario, New York and Boston.


Clarifying The Facebook Messenger Panic

Social networks including Facebook were flooded with articles about people worried about their privacy regarding the Facebook Messenger’s compulsory switch from the messenger feature of its application to an independent one with new terms and conditions. According to a HuffingtonPost article,the policies were “Orwellian” in reference to 1984, a  George Orwell Classic that uses the same principles with Facebook’s new app.

Policies, such as using the camera at any time without your permission and using the app to call phone numbers without the owner’s permission had sent many people panicking whether or not to use the Facebook messenger application.

According to Facebook, the terms and conditions Google Play provides (this specific scare is for Android users) are very rigid because the company is inclined to use the terms only Google play provides. This made way for misleading terms and conditions, and does not highlight the limitations of Facebook’s power in the application.

A representative from Facebook said that with Apple’s app store, they could use the permissions language in any way they want, which makes it easier to explain the limitations of Facebook’s new application.

Misinformation or not, it can be annoying to have a separate application to talk with your friends instead of doing it all in a single application.

Is Oxitec Ethical in Its Modification of One of Nature’s Biggest Killers?

Mosquitoes, specifically the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, are one of nature’s deadliest assassins because they can cause Breakbone Fever. Every year, 20,000 people die from their disease. The world has tried using pesticides and other forms of chemical extermination, but it proves to be ineffectively. However, Oxitec, with usage of genetic modification, intends to use the bug as the vaccine to its own virus.

Oxitec is pioneering putting a lethal gene in a male mosquito sperm, which kills the offspring when the male and female mate with each other. They have begun their experiment in the Cayman Islands and Brazil. The project, called the Release of Insects With Dominant Lethality or RIDL, had shown a 96% suppression rate.

However, genetic-modification, and other forms of technological innovation, are double-edged swords.

The Aedes Aegypti mosquito may decimate in number, and it may help stop the spread of deadly diseases, but it is also a part of an ecosystem. The mosquitoes may be the prey for another predator, which has built-in genetic material that neutralises the deadly effects of the virus the mosquitoes carry.

While no sympathy is ever present for insects and mosquitoes, mosquitoes still serve a purpose in the balance of ecology. If the genetic material put into the mosquitoes’ male population could drive them to extinction, it may cause a great imbalance. Ethics aside, the practicality of the project is still questionable.


Technology Is the Symbol of Mankind’s Control Over His Environment

During the early times, imagination was needed to see how man can move mountains, or let alone climb the titans. The giant size of things indicated superiority, and amidst dangerous animals, man only had his mind. He then was able to create fire, which he used to defend, nourish and improve his stature in life. Fire was the first form of technology mankind had, and it was one of the basic things that created technology.

Technology is indeed the symbol for mankind’s control over the environment. Fire allowed him to cook meat, clear bushes, bring down trees. Later on, he forged steel, created crude machines, which he improved with the discovery of other energies, that formed new technologies in turn.

Today’s videogames are no exception. With energy in the form of electricity, new parts have improved, allowing developers to create a world that only once existed on paper, scripts and novels. The creation of a new world, and the means to improve these worlds, had given humanity control over their environment by “escaping” the present into a new world foreign to them.

The comforts of communication had closed distances between continents. Vehicles are soon to become self-manned. Everything is working for the comfort of humanity, and soon, he will control virtually anything in the universe, as indicated by his or her technology.


The Demands of Technology Start-ups From Their Governments

In many countries, technology start-up companies are multiplying in number, and are providing locals jobs that range from menial to skilled. Technological entrepreneurship will not only help boost innovation that could be a stimulus of a country, but it will also advance the exports and manufacturing sectors, which will help developing and developed nations to prosper equally.

1. Improvements in Governance
Start-up technology companies only ask that the information leaks and their own security is protected by the government. This is not just applicable in technology companies, but also for other industries.

2. Attracting Investors
Small tech companies ask their governments to make efforts to attract domestic and foreign investors to allow a high-risk investment to materialize for start-up companies. To further attract investors, they also ask that the government allow small businesses to compete based on innovation and not through who fulfils the requirements first.

3. Academics
Curriculums in countries could focus on the talents of the students and allow them to discover their relevance in different industries, which could help in their self-discovery. It should also encourage students to become entrepreneurs and share their innovation, which could help their respective countries. Reimagining education, and modifying it to serve the best interests of the country, where it can land jobs and proper expertise for nationals, will help bolster the economy.